9 Steps to Letting Go of Fear

Health is Inner Peace.  Healing is letting go of Fear.

Attitudinal Healing Principle #2

Live at Highest - W Dyer

Healing is letting go of fear. So, the first question that comes to mind is, “What do we actually need to let go of?” We learn in Principle #1 that our fear base is comprised of thoughts such as: anger, frustration, guilt, shame, blame, judgment, criticism, jealousy, insecurity, and confusion, to name a few. It is any thought that is not loving to ourselves or others and causes us stress. It is our feelings of upset and hurt, which are NOT caused by people, things or events outside of ourselves but by our own thoughts and attitudes about them, that causes us to lose our feelings of inner peace and “health.” Stress, from the mind to the body, is a large contributor to dis-ease. It is healing of the MIND that is so important to remember with this principle. This is a way of “looking at a situation / healing differently.”



So then, how do we let go of these fear-based thoughts?

Susan Trout, Ph.D., in To See Differently, says that some of the steps to letting go of fear include:

  1. Recognize the fear. (What is the fear-base; what is not loving; what is the thought and feeling?)
  2. Confront the fear. (Meet it and decide to deal with it.)
  3. Communicate with the fear. (Talk to it in a loving way.)
  4. Be willing to have the fear released. (Decide that you want to get rid of it. It has no value anymore. Decide that you do not need to be “right”.)
  5. Ask for healing of the conditions that brought the fear about. (Ask God to heal the situation and your thoughts about it.)
  6. Open to the presence of grace (Spirit) in the process. (Be open to spiritual healing.)
  7. Stay with the process that unfolds. (Don’t give up; keep open to the gradual process of healing.)
  8. Acknowledge the progress as it is made. (Recognize your success in giving and accepting love more quickly and more often.)
  9. Be THANKFUL. (I added this one, to be thankful for your victory over fear and stress. Gratitude is always a peaceful mindset.)

I pace myself with one step at a time.
I know the perfect circumstances present themselves for my perfect continued growth.  I am LOVE.  I am JOY.  I am PEACE.
—  PATHWAYS OF LIGHT / Compliments of Gladie Hamilton


As for healing of our bodies, this may or may not occur. Again, we are focused on healing of the mind here. I know this can be a different thought for many. Some “higher” thoughts about dis-ease might be: “Dis-ease has no value but to get our minds to turn to God. There is no other gain in dis-ease…so why stay there?” Our daily intention to continue to choose healthy habits in mind and body help us to let go of stress…but there are no guarantees…but many of us know that we can choose Love and Inner Peace and greatly reduce stress in the presence of illness. I had a bout with cancer and just knew I would be OK with the support of prayer and wonderful people in my life. I tell a little about this in the About Me section of this blog.

We can unlearn and get rid of our blocks to love and peace as we continue on our journey of Attitudinal Healing, continuing to have reminders and connecting to other like-minded people who support us to be who we really are….LOVING beings on this earth! It is a process of choosing LOVE in any situation.

No matter the question…Love is THE Answer…moment by moment!

New Attitude


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