What to Give???

Giving and Receiving are the Same.

Attitudinal Healing Principle # 3

(NOTE: To see all the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing see blog post of March 15, 2018.)

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A number of years ago when I was seeing a therapist as an unhappy, passive, housewife, she indicated to me that there was no such thing as real altruism…I was confused…surely when I give to people, my family,  friends,  I am not receiving anything back from them.  Or am I?

Elephants & flowers


I now know that I DO receive…I receive good feelings, that I did a good deed.  I receive their thanks, and it is important to them as well as to myself to receive fully and graciously so they feel good about receiving from me.  Do you see how giving and receiving is a flow of energy between people (maybe even elephants)?  There is a connection and unity now between two people that did not exist before and needs to be nurtured.  Even if others do not outwardly give us their thanks, we still receive the positive feeling that we did give to them.

When we give, if we do not acknowledge that we receive from the other person, we unconsciously think of ourselves as the “strong one, or the smart one, or the one who doesn’t need help” and them as “weak and in need of my help.”  This position not only separates us, it also feeds into our own fears of our own weaknesses.  And it can give the message to the other person that they are powerless and dependent.

GIVING        Girl giving          Giving-Forgetting

Giving is essential to our own well-being and healing.  Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, founder of Attitudinal Healing 35 years ago, has many stories of relief or healing when we give to others.  This is an opportunity to experience being charitable and allowing someone else to accept our loving “gift” whatever it may be…a phone call, a smile, a present, food, work, helping, listening, serving others, etc.

To give without the awareness that we receive can lead to emotional fatigue and burn-out.  It is important that each of us feel nurtured and even energized in a relationship.

Give with LOVE!  Open to receive Love!  YOU deserve it!

Recvg Livg - Givg Life


As well, how about giving money; does the same apply here?  Yes…and ten-fold.  It is an old principle that when we give to others, and increase the flow of money, we are rewarded much more.  And again, we are talking about the flow…giving and receiving.  Think of it differently this way, also; when you give money it is then received by another who then gives it to another for something, etc.  And the flow goes on, and even unconsciously we are thankful for what we receive for the money we gave…even if it’s our electric bill!

If we give with the expectation that our needs will be met then, we are giving for the “wrong” reason; we are to give unconditionally then open to receive for true connection.

And what is the most important thing to give and be open to receive?  Of course it is LOVE…all our lives!

Love older couple


Giving and receiving is a flow of energy between people and connects people together…connects hearts.

No matter the question…Love is THE Answer…moment by moment!


In the Leave a Reply area below, please tell me about some time that you remember you gave something what you consider awesome for you.  OR write a short reply about an awesome time you received.  Let’s see what kind of things people say!!!  Just do it!

*Here is my Reply:  (Please go to the Leave a Reply area.)
“I received a birthday surprise at my door:  flower, birthday card, a song, 
a stuffed monkey and balloons from a gorilla!
From my Granddaughter.”   IMG_0556


(Some concepts are taken from “To See Differently” by Susan Trout (out of print but has been available through Amazon.com).


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