What? Me Worry? …Wait!

We can let go of the PAST
and of the FUTURE.

Attitudinal Healing Principle # 4

(NOTE: To see all the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing see blog post of March 15, 2018.)

TIP below *: To see Qi Gong exercise for energy, Centering and inner peace.

AH #4


This is perhaps one of the principles that many people relate to the most and have such a hard time practicing.  We are asked, here, to be fully open to the present moment…to pay attention, be mindful, of NOW, today, this moment.

Thinking           Dwelling on Past


In order to find inner peace we must get rid of our thoughts of our past and how we perceived a situation to be, especially those that are not peace-filled memories.  We cannot change the past, no matter how hard we think about it and want it different.  When focusing on the past those thoughts can become patterns of belief and then patterns of behavior in the present.  Do you continue to think about your past…over and over again?  Are you still “living there”?  If so, the past is recreated again and again in our present experience because we continue to act / react as if the past was still here.  In this way we are living in the past while we are acting in the present…and we are choosing to feel the stress from the past that is robbing ourselves of our present joy!

Past Experience        →     Learned Thoughts / Beliefs →     Patterns of Behaviors        →     Present Behaviors (reacting to past beliefs…wounded-ness)

WOUNDED WARRIOR / SUFFERING: As we live in our past in unpleasant memories, we continue to believe that we are a victim of that past (which, by the way, I say again…we cannot change the past…but we (unconsciously) keep trying to think of ways to try to do so).  As a wounded person we can be stuck in the past and cannot move forward to heal.  We need to heal the trauma of the wounded “child” that was hurt in the past.  This does not mean that we say what was done was right or not harmful…but we do not have to let it hurt us any longer.

“The Past Cannot Hurt Me Any Longer!  I Choose Peace instead.”

We are asked to be willing to give up the old feelings that we had in those past situations…feelings that we might believe we have a “right” to feel.  After all, “That person did that to me,” you might think. Or, “I was wrong. I am guilty.”  With this principle we are asked to let go of the past feelings, once and for all…and choose peace instead.  This can take time and time again to release but eventually we can chose peace more and more often!  “I can choose peace instead of thisA Course In Miracles tells us.  A great question to ask is, “Would I rather be right (ego based) or be peaceful?”  Which is more important to you?  The world will tell us to be “right” but our spirit tells us to choose Peace. Being right can actually mean conflict inside us as we feel the stress the past is still bringing in the present moment.  Which do you want to feel? 

Worry about


What do you worry about that could happen, or not                   happen, in your future?  I know a big “hook” for me has           been about money. I can get a bit in my stomach that                 tells me I am in my fear base.  I don’t like that!  How about you?  What do you worry about?  Not having enough money in the future, poor health, family issues, the earth, world peace, politics, gun violence, etc.?  Do you know what FEAR stands for?  It’s False Evidence Appearing Real.  That means that we can be worried now about something that might NOT even happen…and again this worrying robs us of our present joy!

                                                        Worry - Joy    This does not mean we don’t do some planning for our future.  It is about how we FEEL about it.  It takes trust in our spiritual beliefs to let go of the worry / fear of the future and be in the present…that all will work out for our highest good.  There is a saying, “Let God handle the details”…and stop worrying.  Some might call this Faith / Trust.


WAIT…just a moment…when you find your mind is thinking about unpleasant past situations or worrying about the future…STOP!  BE HERE NOW (as the book by Ram Dass says from 1971).  Why do we want to be in the PRESENT MOMENT?  Because this is when we can truly only release stress and feel love and connect with our Higher Power / God, and make a choice to choose love, peace and happiness over conflict, stress and fear.  Staying in the present moment involves being honest with ourselves about what we want to experience…and we can ask ourselves, “Would I rather be right (justified that the past was painful and continue to dwell on it…or worry about what might NOT even happen in the future) or would I rather be peaceful and enjoy NOWYou wait; you choose.

Present-Live it

What are you benefiting from holding on to the past or worrying about the future?  An important aspect to remember is that we have the power to choose…to choose peace instead of the past thoughts or worrying and stress that those bring.  As we continue to choose peaceful thoughts over and over and keep letting go of the fear-based feelings they will disappear and we will choose to live more in the present moment.  Attitudinal Healing teaches us to stay in the present moment to experience the richness of life, and love that is inside us NOW and always.

“I am whole, safe, and complete.  I am living in the PRESENT MOMENT… for my greatest good and highest healing.”

Qi Gong

* TIP: Each morning I perform the Qi Gong “Knocking on the Door of Life” exercise for energizing, but mostly for Centering and inner peace.  As I have gotten used to doing this simple exercise, I feel my Chakra energy as I repeat “I am open; I am open in this moment”.  And I also tap my Heart Chakra.  See how to do this in this 2 min. video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ-sBUzuBBk   

Be Happy


(Some concepts are taken from “To See Differently” by Susan Trout (out of print but has been available through Amazon.com).


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2 thoughts on “What? Me Worry? …Wait!”

  1. I would like to comment on my on going relationship with Susan for the past 40+ years. She has been a bright light in my life and we have much in common as far as our faith and dependence on God. What a blessing now to be receiving her blogs! They reinforce my study of the Bible help me to live life to the fullest!


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