NOW, into my Power!

NOW is the only time there is and
each instant is for GIVING.

Attitudinal Healing Principle # 5
(NOTE: To see all the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing see blog post of March 15, 2018.)

Personal Note: I am reminded that Attitudinal Healing is a “Process” and I realize that I am learning something new as I re-learn and remember that…LOVE is the answer…and my only goal is inner peace.  I hope this is still worthwhile for you, also.
                  With peace and love, Susan Thiem

To live life fully is to live every moment to its fullest

 Tree w-colors

That statement immediately makes me wonder how often I am paying attention to each moment?  How often am I “mindful”?  When I am in the present moment then I am in connection with my “power” and intuition, and when I am in the past or future (as we learned in Principle #4 last month) I am not…I am then in a ”weakened” state of mind.  I try to keep remembering to “live one moment at a time”, as well as each day at a time, as I know I have enough to deal with TODAY, let alone letting the past or future interfere in any moment. And I know I am happiest when I am in this moment; NOW…when I can experience God / Higher Power.


We can only hear / feel our inner guidance (of love) in the present moment, the NOW moment…and it continues to guide us in each moment as we “stop and listen”.  And each moment is for giving…giving what? Giving LOVE!  Oh, yah!  As our “only goal is inner peace”, we experience that peace when we are giving love in the moment. As we learn in Principle #12, we have the choice in that moment, to either extend LOVE or give a call for help from a place of fear.  This principle #5 focuses on the giving Love part, which is our natural state of being (Principle #1).

I am sure you have been in situations where you immediately felt stressed (especially I find this happens in relationships!!!) and you begin to respond with frustration and /or anger?  I try to remember to ask myself the question, “Would I rather be right or happy and peaceful?” And I also try to remember I have a choice…so, if I can take a minute (like go into a bathroom for a “break” from the situation) and go to my inner guidance and realize that I can “choose love/peace instead of this/stress”, and go back into the situation extending love, not needing to be right, or the “victim” then the situation changes in some way.  I don’t always get “my way” but I do get the “way of love”…and that is truly my only goal – to be peaceful!

 Give LOVE    LOVE


It is only in the present moment that healing (of our heart and stress) takes place; moment after moment.  It happens within ourselves and when we join with another person to create a space for healing to occur.  We have learned that…


Period.  Trust that this is true. Try it!  And remember that healing is letting go of fear.  It does not always mean that we have physical healing, but healing of the mind, which brings inner peace.

And finally remember… that giving LOVE in the moment is an unconditional act without expectation of return… that “my loving” is good for me…and for others…and the world!


(Some concepts are taken from “To See Differently” by Susan Trout
(out of print but has been available through


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