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I love Smiles


Thank you for signing up for the AWESOME ATTITUDES 2 D-STRESS Blog and the 2019 Power of a SMILE Series.  I am committed to delivering my best to you.  Please help me to improve my topics and service to you with your feedback.

I’ve love to hear from you…in order to identify your needs!  Please tell me what you want!  

clouds country daylight grassI had such good feedback on my last blog, THE POWER OF CHOOSING LOVE and want to continue that.  How can I help you?

Thank you in advance for your valuable time and input.


Please tell me the topics that are most important to you along your Awesome Attitudes journey to Inner Peace, Love and more Smiles! 


  • FEAR
  • CALM
  • Other… ________________________________

And leave any comments for me.*

Love is the answer no matter the question!Heart__________________________________________________


* Please leave a REPLY below or you may email me at NOW, Subject: Smiles, and give me your comments.
You can add your Name + Email for my Contact List there, too OR click on the CONTACT tab at the TOP of this page,  if you are not already on my contact list.  Thanks!
I’d Love to hear from YOU!  

SMILE and let your Awesome Attitude Shine! sunshine

Change your attitude, your stress and your life to light up the world! ST

 I want my Blog and any place I am, to be a place where I try my best to bring peace, love and smiles; where I have my little positive influence on any person’s attitude and that the world will be a better place.  I used to think if I could help just one person, that would be wonderful. Through these past 25+ years I have been in the presence of so many amazing people to give and receive from.  I am humbled, honored and grateful.
Susan Thiem,  Awesome Smiling Blogger

This Awesome Attitudes Blog for Peace is non-denominational and non-political as it is a community to unify in kindness, respect, and compassion. This is not a replacement for Counseling or Professional help if needed, but as inspiration to increase your Awesome Attitudes for a happier, more loving life and to expand more inner peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Awesome Attitudes, founded in Jan. 2018 via Attitudinal Healing.


One thought on “THE POWER OF YOUR OPINION ~ Survey”

  1. We are in need of extra prayers for strength and balance for Don. He is having physical therapy at home twice a week due to two falls in the last 2 months.

    Thanks in advance. We know that “before we ask He will answer.”


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