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Hi, I’m Susan Thiem, HB.D (Human BEING Degree), a Blogger!  And I am working on becoming who I truly am.  WELCOME!  This is a community to learn to change our self-defeating attitudes, and release stress, to live miraculous, AWESOME lives!

On this Awesome Attitudes Blog for Peace I share my thoughts, and wisdom from others, about attitudes on how to develop and enjoy more Inner Peace and expand more Love in our lives.  We all have this ability, we just need to remember who we really are by removing the blocks (the falsehoods) that stop us from experiencing our loving hearts more often.  We have leaned these “un-truths” so, the good news is, we can unlearn them!

During 2018, I will be discussing one of the 12 Attitudinal Healing Principles each month plus a second blog post about each subject…and if I get really active, I will write another post in that month.  I don’t want to “bug” you too much and I want you to practice and assimilate what you are learning.  I practice every day.  I still have much to learn.


“We are students and teachers to each other.” — Gerald Jampolsky, MD

(Accroding to my online blog coach, Jeff Goins, https://goinswriter.com/about-me, I am to write an “Epic” story about my life. So here goes….)


As an adolescent: Of course, it started in childhood and many of you will have your dysfunctional childhood stories, many that I have heard.  My experience was with parents who were accepting and unconditionally loving to me.  This motivated me in my later years to help people to overcome their blocks that keep them from being happy or fulfilled.

I grew up in the American Lutheran church (if you are a Lutheran, each type makes a difference!) with my Mother by my side as my best friend.  Even thought I was a very good girl in most ways, I did not think like a strict Christian and was open to additional points of view to spirituality as I grew up.

I have a brother a year older who has always been supportive and who first introduced me to meditation in our twenties.  I never doubted my families’ love.  With my parent’s love I know I am one of the fortunate ones!

As a teen:  As a teenager, and because of those friends who I knew were hurting because of their feelings of a lack of love and my inborn sensitivity and empathy, I really don’t want people to continue to live with that childhood hurt so many had experienced.  I had a friend who thought that I was lucky because I had curfew and she never did.  She thought her parents did not care as much.

I was active in school and church and was a good student, except for chemistry!!!  As wonderful as much of my life was so far, I experienced alcoholism and suicide around me.


As an adult: I had learned our parents had their own dysfunctions and I have lived around a lot of drama, alcoholism, and cancer in my life.  I learned to be independent yet I have been really co-dependent; became a passive, stay-at-home housewife, then learned assertiveness (even when I couldn’t spell it…LOL!).  I have been “in therapy” a few times.  That’s when I started searching for “more” for me and my life in the 1970’s.

After a 20 year marriage I was divorced and for the first time on my own and a Mother of two wonderful teenage sons and I had some time at college.  Three years later, in 1984, it was a “God job” that I started to work at EDS, for 15 years, as a recruiter, corporate trainer, marketing then Organizational Development specialist.  Then our whole group was “laid off”.  I thought I would retire from there; I was devastated!

Starting in 2000 I was an “off and on” independent Training Consultant, Life Coach, and Weight Management Coach.  During many of these years I was a writer for numerous local publications on a monthly basis.

During that time of unemployment and some years of no medical insurance, I had a bout with thyroid cancer.  I was fortunate, with the power of prayer, God and Reiki my tumor was shrunk and moved so that only half of it needed to be removed which surprised even the doctor; and no radiation!  Halleluiah!

Starting in 2006 I worked full time then part time for 7 years as a Financial / Budget Educator and Foreclosure Prevention Counselor during the Great Recession / Financial Crisis.  God has a sense of humor: as I had missed a couple of house payments due to lack of income then it was a miracle to get my financial counseling job via a family member…almost hired on the phone!  To fill up my days off, I went back to my employment recruiting roots and have been a Psychiatric Medical recruiter which I have really enjoyed…it’s psych stuff!

Attitudinal Healing

“Change your mind, change your life.” “Our only goal is inner peace.”  Gerald Jampolsky, MD

(Life has a way of over lapped as it usually does.)  Since 1992 I have been a non-profit volunteer with the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing (AH), on the Board of Directors, Executive director, marketing director and Group Facilitator.  I have created and presented many workshops on meditation, health & wellness, AH Principles, and more… focusing on Inner Peace and experiencing Love and Forgiveness.

As these 30 years went by I have been saving articles, inspirational sayings, writing down spiritual /peace thoughts, etc. …with the inkling that someday I might “put them all together…and really write”.  Me?  Why not.?!

Who Am I; Crazy?

Maybe!  I am a “young at heart” Senior Citizen, writer, who is creative, positive, still called “Bubbly” with two wonderful sons and 13 dynamic grandchildren (official and blended families) who is starting to write a BLOG!  I now have a supportive partner/husband (cancer survivor, too!) who knows to just leave me alone to write!  I have two lovely, rescued, chocolate brown, Siamese senior kitties who are my “babies”.

I have held many jobs, and have had numerous set-backs, to earn my Human Being Degree.  As humans, are we crazy?  If we are human, we are a bit crazy; defined by Webster’ dictionary as: full of cracks or flaws; impractical, erratic, out of the ordinary; distracted with desire…very EGO based (Edging God Out) and not from the Sprit, from this blogger’s perspective.  My idea is to get LESS “crazy”, less stressed out, as this not only helps ourselves but lifts the energy vibrations of the world as we evolve into our Spirit / Higher Power consciousness.

“Each person does make a difference.” — Unknown

 Blue Lake

How This All Started

In July 2013 I wrote: I am in God’s country; what a perfect place to begin writing.  I am at a desk, gazing out large windows, onto green plants and a fern-filled yard to Big Blue Lake in Michigan.  The lake is clear and blue, and the sky is filled with billowy white, wispy clouds.  There are pine trees towering overhead as if I am in a tree house.   This is my third day here.  Each day we wake up, drink delicious coffee on the deck, surrounded by the trees overlooking the lake below.

The angel Gabrielle came to me (which is not usual for me), in a Reiki session here (that’s God’s energy healing), and inspired me to start writing.  She told me to not wait…get started today.  Now, I know some of you who are reading this may not believe this or may not believe in Reiki healing, but I KNOW it has helped me, along with the power of prayer. I am a believer and do experience God’s energy which is so peaceful, loving and wise.  This is what brought me to start my writing now; maybe a book, someday?  I have a fear base about writing and being accepted; being good enough.  I am told to share.  It is for you and me!  Now I think…what is next?

NEXT: Opportunity and Gratefulness

What you focus on expands.” — Arnold Patent

I have been with the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing for 25 years and the Executive Director for a few years and our Center just closed after 27 years…and I use some of the 12 Attitudinal Healing Principles every day.  I choose to not live without them.  They have changed my life, in particular for me to “let go of the future” (not worry) and not have “that knot in my stomach”.  AH helps me with forgiveness and to see relationships differently; from an open heart.  I will talk about this more in the months to come.

I am getting out of my fear base of writing a BLOG and into a comfort zone!  I have a need to continue to share what I have learned, especially about unconditional love.  I am so grateful.  I am ready to seize this new opportunity.  I hope you are, too.  Please continue to join me each month by completing the email form below.  THANK YOU!

“Love is the answer, no matter the question.” – Gerald Jampolsky, MD

Think Awesome; Be Awesome; Love Awesomely; Live an Awesome, Peace-filled Life.
With Awesome Love and Powerful Inner Peace,  Susan Thiem, President, Unlimited Potential Resources / Thiem & Grace, LLC


“Love your positive energy. I am looking forward to following. You have so much wisdom to share.” – Lois H.

“This woman, Susan, is Amazing!!!!!! She helps me and my attitude each week!!!!!!” – Mark R.

“Susan is full of love and passionate about her message.  She is caring about everyone all the time.” – Laurie P.

Join Me on this Journey

Are you ready to be happier? Feel less stressed? Expand your perceptions?  I hope this Awesome Attitudes 2 D-Stress Peace Blog inspires and motivates you to be the best you can be with more empowering attitudes and peace-filled life.  Please join me on this journey.

Please share it with friends, Like Me on FaceBook and send me a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.  I appreciate you!  The best way to keep in touch with me is to sign up for my FREE email updates.  THANK YOU!

This Awesome Attitudes Blog for Peace is non-denominational and non-political as it is a community to unify in kindness, respect, and compassion.


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